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  1. Can I convert Toons Mag Points into US Dollars and any other currency?

  2. Can I log in through social media?

  3. Can I nominate for myself for the cartoonist of the year award?

  4. Can I request to delete my entry from Cartoonist of The Year contest?

  5. Comment posting policy

  6. Do I need tags with #?

  7. Do You Accept Sponsorship in Cartoon Talks?

  8. Do you allow sponsor or guest post?

  9. Does Toons Mag allow download my content to others?

  10. Dose Toons Mag modify my artwork?

  11. Guest Post Submission Requirements (Including Images)

  12. How can I add an artwork to a gallery?

  13. How Can I Be a Guest in Cartoon Talks?

  14. How can I change my Toons Mag username?

  15. How can I disable ads on my content?

  16. How can I earn Points?

  17. How can I edit my cartoons before uploading them?

  18. How can I enter the contest?

  19. How can I Report content?

  20. How can I submit my entry for the Cartoonist of the Year Award?

  21. How can I submit news and article?

  22. How can I transfer Points from Toons Mag account to PayPal?

  23. How can I update my Biography?

  24. How many cartoonists participated in the Children in War Exhibition?

  25. How many cartoons can I upload?

  26. How many places 'Children in War' was exhibited?

  27. How much does it cost to Join/Membership?

  28. How often do you update Toons Mag?

  29. How Often Do Your Release New Episodes of Cartoon Talks?

  30. How to add a cartoon into Cartoon Challenge list?

  31. How to add a comic strip into a series?

  32. How to add an entry into open list?

  33. How to add the cover photo?

  34. How to add the profile photo?

  35. How to apply for an artist account in the comic portal?

  36. How to create an account at Toons Mag?

  37. How to create an account in the comic portal?

  38. How to create an account?

  39. How to Delete a Published Cartoon, Comics, Caricature or Article?

  40. How to delete Toons Mag account?

  41. How to disable adblockers?

  42. How to edit profile info?

  43. How to login at Toons Mag?

  44. How to login to my account?

  45. How to post a comic series?

  46. How to recover password?

  47. How to submit a cartoon?

  48. How to vote for an open list entry?

  49. If anyone sponsors an article who will receive the money?

  50. Is it possible to delete a post that is pending?

  51. Is there a place on the site that explains how the various parts of the site work?

  52. It happens that some of my posts are waiting for approval for several days, why does this happen?

  53. What are Add to Favorites?

  54. What are favorites?

  55. What can I do with Points?

  56. What does Toons Mag cost?

  57. What does Toons Mag cost?

  58. What is a cartoon?

  59. What is a Point?

  60. What is a username?

  61. What is Add to Collection?

  62. What is Home page features?

  63. What is Reactions?

  64. What is reactions?

  65. What is Read Later?

  66. What is the difference between "posts" and "submissions"?

  67. What is the difference between my username and full name?

  68. What is the difference between Toons Mag International cartoon contest and cartoon or caricature challenge and cartoonist of the year?

  69. What is the features for Cartoonists and Authors?

  70. What is the maximum file-size allowed for a cartoon?

  71. What is the minimum amount to withdraw?

  72. What is the right image format to use for publishing?

  73. What is the value of Points?

  74. What is Toons Mag?

  75. What kind of article accepted as a guest post?

  76. What kind of cartoons and articles publishing on Toons Mag quickly?

  77. What personal data we collect and why we collect it?

  78. When is my submission going to be published?

  79. When my post will be published?

  80. Where Can I Listen to Cartoon Talks?

  81. Which file formats can I upload?

  82. Which is the average response time (if there is one)?

  83. Who and how can vote for the Cartoonist of the Year contest?

  84. Who can be a Toons Mag event partner?

  85. Who can post a comment?

  86. Who own Toons Mag?

  87. Who reserved copyrights of my works?

  88. Why appear pop-up AdBlock in my browser? How can I stop it?

  89. Why my submission has been rejected?

  90. Why Toons Mag display ads?

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