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What is the difference between Toons Mag International cartoon contest and cartoon or caricature challenge and cartoonist of the year?

International Cartoon Contest

Toons Mag international International cartoon contest refers to the annual cartoon contest where we give a topic and invite artists to participate in the contest with their artwork by email. Where an international jury committee selects the best cartoons and winners of the contest. Example: Women's Rights international cartoon contest, Freedom of expression international cartoon contest, and Equal rights international cartoon contest were the international cartoon contests.

The winner received prize money and a certificate. First, second, and third, and special mention awards for their best artwork.

Selected and award-winning cartoons we print as posters, catalogs, and printed copies of the artwork we display in the exhibition in multiple galleries in multiple locations in Norway and our event partners' countries.

Cartoon and Caricature Challenge

The cartoon and caricature challenge is referred to as an online-based challenge where we give a topic where cartoonists/artists draw and submit their works. Cartoon and caricature challenges happen once every month, or occasionally once every two months.
Any Toons Mag registered user can vote to any entry in the challenges that they like or dislike. Most upvoted entries automatically appear at the top, and top-voted entries are considered as the winner.
Most upvoted top five artists receive a certificate, we call the certificate the Cartoon Award. For more information on the cartoon and caricature challenges, please visit the archive of cartoon challenges and caricature challenges

Cartoonist of The Year

The cartoonist of the year award is an annual award from Toons Mag. We call for entry at the beginning of each year. So, People start submitting their work, and from April people can vote for their favorite cartoons. Most voted cartoons automatically appear in the top ten list. End of December from the top list, the top one cartoon is considered as the cartoon of the year and the artist cartoonist of the year. For seeing the earlier winners' names and more information, please visit the Cartoonist of the Year website:

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