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How to submit a cartoon?

It is very easy, you can submit your cartoon via Toons Mag submission form. 
From the main menu click on the Add Post button. 

Or go through the direct link: For publishing cartoon click on cartoon comic caricature section.

Click on the section.

Select a cartoon, comics, caricature or illustration from your computer or drag and drop it. Wait for a few seconds for file processing. 

1. Enter a title
2. Short description
3. Select a category (Use category cartoon/comics/caricature or related category.)
4. Add some tags or keywords, separate with a comma,  (Add some tags related to your content.)
Please don't add tags with # 
5. Check the I agree with terms of condition
6. Click on publish or Submit for Review 

Our Team will inform immediately once you are submitted, they will have a look and edit any text or spelling mistakes if needed and approve your cartoon.
You will be notified by email once your cartoon approved. 

Note: If you are a regular cartoonist on Toons Mag, then your cartoon will publish instantly. If you are new in Toons Mag network then your cartoon will review by an editor and will publish within 24 hours. Sometimes we add a post on a schedule so everything will publish in time, you don't need to publish the same cartoon again and again. 

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