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How to delete Toons Mag account?

Here’s the easiest way to delete your Toons Mag account:

  • Go to 
  • Fill the ‘Contact Support’ write message subject ‘Account Deletion Request’. From the Department drop-down menu select ‘Membership’.
  • Describe the reason to be deleted your account. Tell us, Why do you want to delete it? What is your Toons Mag member account username and profile URL?
  • The request must send through the email address which is associated with the account.
  • Mention the username. 
  • Mention the reason why it should be deleted. 
Once you have provided the information we will delete your account for you. 

Please note: 
  • If you don't provide the information and don't describe the reason, we are not allowed to delete. 
  • once you have to delete the account, it is not possible to undo or recover the account. 

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