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What is Toons Mag?

Toons Mag is an internet-based cartoon Magazine and an International platform. 
Toons Mag publishes artwork and articles to help artists and authors to reach the global audiences, but Toons Mag does not charge any money for promoting to its authors and artists, but Toons Mag gives points (a digital currency, which is exchangeable) to authors and artists to motivate. Toons Mag believes that everyone is free to express their opinion and Toons Mag is also free to decide that what will publish or not.
Toons Mag is an independent platform, so, what will publish, when will publish, why will publish, as an independent platform, Toons Mag does not oblige to anyone, and does not accountable to any government, person or organization.
Toons Mag is independent and stands with a neutral perspective. 
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