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When my post will be published?

We highly appreciate that you submit your drawing for publishing in Toons Mag.
Whenever you submit your drawing for publishing, immediately we get an email notification.
Each entry we review and publish and immediately inform the search engines to index. So, people can find the drawing anywhere on the globe.
Here is how Toons Mag-post submission works:
  1. You submit the drawing for publishing.
  2. We get an email notification and review your submission and we approve it.
  3. You get confirmation message by email and notification in your profile notice section

Whenever, you submit your entry on cartoon challenge, caricature challenge, or any open list, during pending status it will appear in your profile under the submission tab.

Note: Once you have submitted your entry or post. It will be available in your profile under the post section under the pending tab. (You can see, edit or share the unique short link with your friends during the pending status of your post).

We received a huge volume of submissions, so it is not possible to publish it immediately. sometimes it can take a few days to be published.
If your content is current topics, then we try to publish it as soon as possible.

For more information please read the Checklist of submitting posts for publishing.

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