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Why Toons Mag display ads?

Toons Mag is a free and non-profit platform. We do now charge to our visitors to read Toons Mag. Even we do not charge to our member to becoming a member of Toons Mag. Anyone can join and use this platform for free. We publishing Toons Mag in multiple languages. We have some staff, and from time to time we hire some freelancers who help to maintenance Toons Mag. Though we have a donation option in Toons Mag, we don't get enough funds from any sources. So, we relly on Google ads to keep continue Toons Mag. From Google ads we don't earn enough but, "something is better than nothing". We use it for server and site management.

In the future, if we get enough funds from our audience, then we will consider removing Google Advertisement from Toons Mag. 

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