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How can I transfer Points from Toons Mag account to PayPal?

First of all, contact us via the contact page. Write the message subject "Points withdraw request."

Submit the payment amount and your PayPal ID once you have done it. You need to transfer your points from your account page to user: toonsmag, the amount you want to withdraw to your PayPal. Then, we will transfer the same amount of Norwegian Kroner to the PayPal account you provided.

Step: 1

Go to your Toons Mag profile and type the username: toonsmag and points amount. See the image below.

Once you transfer the points to toonsmag, a confirmation message will appear.

Step: 2

When transactions are completed, then go to

And apply for the exchange with detailed information.

Once you have done that, we will verify the request and send you the Norwegian Kroner number to your Paypal within five working days.

Notes: 100 points = 5 Norwegian Kroner.

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