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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. How much does it cost to Join/Membership?

  2. How can I update my Biography?

  3. What does Toons Mag cost?

  4. How often do you update Toons Mag?

  5. What is Toons Mag?

  6. What is a username?

  7. What is the difference between my username and full name?

  8. Which is the average response time (if there is one)?

  9. Is it possible to delete a post that is pending?

  10. It happens that some of my posts are waiting for approval for several days, why does this happen?

  11. What is the difference between "posts" and "submissions"?

  12. Is there a place on the site that explains how the various parts of the site work?

  13. What is reactions?

  14. What are favorites?

  15. What is a cartoon?

  16. What does Toons Mag cost?

  17. How many cartoons can I upload?

  18. Which file formats can I upload?

  19. What is the maximum file-size allowed for a cartoon?

  20. How can I edit my cartoons before uploading them?

  21. Who own Toons Mag?

  22. How to Delete a Published Cartoon, Comics, Caricature or Article?

  23. What kind of cartoons and articles publishing on Toons Mag quickly?

  24. Why my submission has been rejected?

  25. How can I enter the contest?

  26. How can I add an artwork to a gallery?

  27. When is my submission going to be published?

  28. Why Toons Mag display ads?

  29. How can I disable ads on my content?

  30. What kind of article accepted as a guest post?

  31. Why appear pop-up AdBlock in my browser? How can I stop it?

  32. How to disable adblockers?

  33. Do you allow sponsor or guest post?

  34. How can I change my Toons Mag username?

  35. Who can post a comment?

  36. What is the right image format to use for publishing?

  37. When my post will be published?

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